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Medical gas systems in healthcare facilities and hospitals are a lifesaving, critical element of patient care. Our focus is on your success in planning, integrating, installing and servicing your medical gas systems. In a world where expert training and code compliance are constantly monitored, our personal approach to service supports your needs and certifies you as a trusted facility and one that’s compliant with the proper use of medical gases.

Annual Inspections

Whether you require service weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or anywhere in between, we will design a preventative maintenance program tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

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Is the person performing your verification a credentialed Verifier? Be sure to ask for a copy of their Verifiers Certification card when they arrive at your facility. The life and safety of the patients under your care depend on it. Remember, any facility where medical gas is installed must follow codes and safety measures so that the environment can be considered a safe one. Our technicians are well-versed in system verification and code assessment.

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Medical gas solutions are vital in your facility. We specialize in planning and installing medical gas and vacuum systems, including source equipment, alarm panels, zone valve boxes and outlets/inlets. Installation is an important medical gas service in that its review is required under NFPA 99.

Emergency Service

Need immediate response, technical support or onsite service?

When problems arise and need to be resolved quickly our service department is available to take care of your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, we can help with your overall emergency preparedness. Are your documents in order and your procedures up to date? We want you to say “yes.” We can assist you in developing a program to stay ahead of emergencies by helping you optimize your healthcare facility when it comes to industry standards and making sure you don’t fall behind when it comes to the proper maintenance for medical gas systems.

Regulatory Repairs and Corrective Actions

Our technicians will meet with you to review and repair deficiencies identified during a Risk Assessment Audit or while performing your annual inspections and preventative maintenance service.

Environmental Testing

Healthcare workers contend with various airborne hazards, both chemical and biologicals. To minimize exposure, proper work environment ventilation is key, which is why we offer environmental monitoring.

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Interruption Planning

Keep your systems up and running when maintenance, renovations or other factors disrupt your Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems. We will provide interruption planning and temporary gas/vacuum supply equipment to keep your facility functioning and reduce your system down time.

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