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Anesthesia Test Equipment

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Doctors Oxygen Service has been performing field service on Dräger anesthesia equipment for more than 47 years. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to service equipment while using inadequate, incomplete, or poor-quality test equipment. Have you ever spent hours trying to troubleshoot a failure or trying to locate a leak only to find out that your test rigs were contributing to the problem? We have. That’s why we used our extensive experience to compile a list of high quality, cost effective test equipment that allows you to properly & completely test and troubleshoot your Dräger anesthesia equipment.

While many of these items can be universally used to service any manufacturer’s anesthesia equipment some items are specific to each model. Therefore, we have broken down separate lists of all the test equipment needed to service the Dräger Apollo or Fabius series of anesthesia machine.


Download Dräger Apollo Anesthesia Machine PDF


Download Dräger Fabius/TIRO Series Anesthesia Machine PDF