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Medgas Solutions provides full selection of top-of-the-line alarm panels and plates

We work with leading manufacturers such as Amico, whose Master Alarm is designed to provide users with years of trouble free and reliable operation. With up to 60 functions available to monitor critical equipment for your facility, numerous processes can be managed.

Our credentialed technicians can help you connect alarm modules with your building management system to further ensure and maintain the control of your facility. Or we can do it for you. Taking control of your facility and guaranteeing safety has never been easier.

Did You Know?

Medical Gas Alarm Panels are required for monitoring medical gases including oxygen, medical air, medical vacuum, nitrogen, waste anesthetic gas disposal, carbon dioxide, instrument (lab air) and nitrous oxide. A single gas, or vacuum, or a combination can be found in different areas of medical facilities. Common gases in typical patient areas are oxygen, medical air, and medical vacuum, and in critical care can but up to all eight medical gases, especially in procedure areas such as operating rooms. The requirements for monitoring these gases can be found in Chapter 5 of NFPA 99.

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