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Refurbished Equipment

Considering Used or Refurbished Equipment? Buyer Beware!

At a time when cost saving is of paramount importance, purchasing pre-owned equipment is an attractive alternative to purchasing new. Although price is obviously a big factor when considering used or refurbished equipment, it should not be the guiding influence in your final decision. There is a big difference between buying used and buying refurbished from a reputable company.

Doctors Oxygen Service only buys its refurbished equipment from reputable companies.

Many companies advertise used equipment at a low price, but what exactly are you getting for your money? Often, used equipment is advertised as checked by a technician and functional at the time of sale. Sounds good up front but you should ask some questions prior to purchasing.

Most modern anesthesia equipment has scheduled maintenance parts and/or consumable items that need to be replaced on a regular basis. Have these parts all been replaced to reset the equipment maintenance schedule? If not, what maintenance cycle is the equipment on at the time of sale? Has the equipment ever been affected by a manufacturer recall or technical service bulletin and if so, were the issues addressed?

Has the equipment software been updated to the most current version? Does the manufacturer still provide parts & support for the equipment and If so, for how much longer? Has their technician been trained & certified by the manufacturer to service the equipment? Are they willing to share a copy of the technician’s manufacturer training certificate with you?

These are just a few things to consider when looking to purchase pre-owned anesthesia equipment.

Doctors Oxygen Service first began selling and servicing new Dräger Medical Anesthesia Systems as their distributor and authorized service provider in 1971.

Many of the refurbished Dräger Medical anesthesia systems which we have available for resale are systems that we originally sold new to our customers and have serviced continuously throughout the life of the equipment.

Our refurbishment process begins at the door when we receive the equipment. Only equipment that is currently supported by the manufacturer will be considered for resale into the human market.

The equipment is disassembled and inspected. Drawer assemblies and covers are removed, cleaned, and painted if necessary. All scheduled maintenance kits, batteries, and consumable items are replaced. Mechanical components are cleaned and inspected for excessive wear and are rebuilt or replaced as needed. Internal tubing and rubber goods are inspected and replaced as needed. Software is updated to the current version.

Any applicable manufacturer recalls, or technical service bulletins for the equipment are reviewed to ensure they have been completed. The equipment is then reassembled, and a complete preventative maintenance certification (PMC) of the equipment is performed by our manufacturer trained & certified technicians to ensure the equipment meets or exceeds the original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Our process of refurbishing pre-owned anesthesia equipment is extensive and therefore does add to the purchase price of the equipment, however, this process ensures that the pre-owned equipment we sell will be reliable, safe, and more cost effective for our customers in the long run.

In addition to helping your medical facility upgrade equipment, we can also help resell what you have. Contact Doctors Oxygen today if you need help with either.